Use Your Super for Immediate, Lawful Enjoyment

We all should know that super is not to be used unless and until we’ve met a “condition of release” and for most of us, that means we’ve reached our preservation age and have actually retired.

The thing that sucks about this though is that there’s just no damn fun it in any of it along the way right?

So we got to thinking that despite all the laws and regulations, surely there must be a way to use our super  that still boosts our retirement nest egg as we move along in “accumulation phase”.

i.e. it allows us to NOT fall foul of the “sole purpose test” and to NOT breach the “five percent in-house asset rules”.

Well guess what folks?

We’ve done it!

Our method allows you to tick all the right boxes as you build wealth for your retirement and enjoy the ride along the way and and I mean … really have blast!    

All you need is a good amount of super (the regulators, ATO and ASIC, reckon $200k but that’s just their view not the law) and an open mind and a friend to match!

Once we’ve got your juices flowing, we’ll introduce you to our trusted financial planner who can put it all in writing for you in a Statement of Advice, thus affording you the appropriate consumer protections once it’s all signed-off so that we can then start pushing the right buttons to make it happen for you.  


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